The Joy of Static

Static websites have been popular for a few years. However, I never jumped on the bandwagon, paradoxically because I like ease of use. Yes, static websites are easier to manage, but they can be actually quite harder to setup than a normal CMS, such as Wordpress. Every one of them has little quirks.

For instance, I am using Hugo and I discovered that you cannot directly use HTML inside the content files. Instead you need to use one of them many templating parts, like partials, shortcodes, etc. I like the idea of clean separation from an engineering point of view. However, this is unusual since HTML is of course valid in Markdown files.

I tried Middleman in the past, but (cough) Damn Ruby (cough) I never really succeeded in setting up, probably because I was using Windows. Hugo instead worked like a charm. True that it took some time to set it up, but it seems to be working.

The main problem is that you cannot receive feedback from reader, but you know, there are always email and social channels.

The only real drawback that they are mainly reserved for developers and designer. The average person usually is not able to use them. It feels somewhat strange that you cannot share this tool, as if you were keeping a secret from your normal friends.