Work with Me

I am a Software Engineer. I started developing software to make a football management simulation and never stopped. I love C# and like a whole lot of other languages.

My Expertise

  • Language Engineering (i.e., parsers, transpilers, interpreters, etc.)
  • Natural Language Processing (i.e., software to understand natural language)
  • I worked with C#, Kotlin, C++, Python, JavaScript and PHP

My Work

I am fascinated by parsing, because I see parsing as another word for understanding. And I love to understand patterns.

That is why I founded and until I recently I worked at Strumenta, a company that specializes in Language Engineering. I left the company because nowadays I prefer to work in Natural Language Processing (NLP). It was a natural transition. I can still create a parser or a transpiler for you or your company, as long as it is project that could last up to 6 months. If you need to design a Domain Specific Language (DSL) or a compiler you should go to Strumenta, they are still doing great work and can help you with a language engineering project of any size.

In my free time I worked on SmartReader a library to parse web pages and extract the main content, thus removing sidebars, ads, etc. It is primarily designed for cleaning articles, and it can be used in scraping. However, I mostly developed to help with getting meaningful content to analyze for my NLP projects.

This lead me here, concentrating on natural language understanding. If you need help with a project that related to understanding text and language, contact me and we can see whether we can work together.

How We can Work Together

We will work remotely. In my experience this is the best way to work because it requires everybody to clearly defines objectives and results. So I understand what you need and you understand what I am going to deliver. I prefer written communication, but I am available for online conferences to setup the project.

We can communicate in English or Italian. While Google Translate can be a decent tool for our personal life it is not good enough for real business work. Trust me, I am an NLP expert.

No administrative overhead. I work with small teams and battling with complicated acquisition processes or NDAs does not suit me. I realize this might make impossible to work with some large corporation, but honestly, I really do not need the hassle.

The Workflow

This is an outline of the typical workflow of my projects.

  1. You contact me
  2. We discuss the project either in writing or with a call
  3. I send you a proposal with a few options for you to choose
  4. You sign the proposal and pay me
  5. I start working on your project
  6. I send you updates on the progress weekly. If it is a software project, you will be able to follow the progress on GitHub (or similar platforms)
  7. You give me any feedback you find necessary
  8. I deliver the project, following the milestone agreed in the proposal
  9. You review it and approve the results in the timeline agreed in the proposal