About Me

Some information to know me better

Gabriele Tomassetti
Gabriele Tomassetti

I am a Software Engineer. I started developing software to make a football management simulation and never stopped. I love C# and like a whole lot of other languages.

My Expertise

  • Language Engineering (i.e., parsers, transpilers, interpreters, etc.)
  • Natural Language Processing (i.e., software to understand natural language)
  • I worked with C#, Kotlin, C++, Python, JavaScript and PHP

My Work

I am fascinated by parsing, because I see parsing as another word for understanding. And I love to understand patterns.

That is why I founded, and until I recently I worked at, Strumenta, a company that specializes in Language Engineering. I left the company because nowadays I prefer to work in less narrow fields, like Natural Language Processing (NLP). It was a natural transition.

In my free time I work on SmartReader a library to parse web pages and extract the main content, thus removing sidebars, ads, etc. It is primarily designed for cleaning articles, and it can be used in scraping. However, I mostly developed to help with getting meaningful content to analyze for my NLP projects.